Sessions with Theia

Therapy & Mentoring Sessions

What Theia does

Theia works with a wide range of therapy and mentoring topics and modalities, which she gained from years of intensive work and study with the renown Venus Starly.

This includes self-mastery guidance, spiritual guidance, wealth activations, oneness and separation techniques, yin and yang principles, divine feminine and divine masculine healing, goal setting techniques, dream interpretations, visualisation techniques, energy medicine, energy psychology, astrological healing, and energy healing for balance, harmony and wholeness within the body-mind-spirit complex.

Therapy and mentoring sessions take place via telephone, video call, or in-person at No. 10 Harley Street, London.

To arrange a session, please email Theia at

Theia also helps with:

  • Higher consciousness and oneness awareness activations
  • Helping you to discover your higher calling and higher purpose in life
  • Activations for wealth, abundance and prosperity
  • Self-value and self-worth healing
  • Divine feminine and divine masculine healing
  • Future goal settings and manifestation techniques
  • Those feeling "stuck" in life and wanting to open up to a new path
  • Self-confidence and self-assertion healing
  • Relationship guidance and healing
  • Overcoming difficult past experiences and memories
  • Helping to heal past wounds and trauma
  • Helping to heal acute and chronic issues
  • Healing the associated/disassociated self
  • Guidance in helping you to reach your highest self, highest potential and highest path
  • Astrological guidance and healing (please note Theia is not a predictive astrologer nor does she offer any predictive work whatsoever).
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