Does the coming Age of Aquarius mean we will break away from the old order of control and restriction? 


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As we move more into the new era, there will be a collapse of the old, but not in the way that many people online are talking about.  Currently, there are a lot of people online saying that the new era will bring…. essentially excess yin.  

For example, some people online are saying that there will be no money. Sure, we are on the path to moving away from physical money and more towards digital and crypto (which is very Aquarius) but what I see people saying is that we will move back to bartering, borrowing, and lending!  This is a very excess yin view! People who are excess yin tend to not like money (yang) so they would like to see a disappearance of money and instead have bartering, borrowing, and lending in a shared community-type situation.  Which brings me on to the next point….

I see many people online saying that instead of individual land-ownership, we will no longer own any land or property, and instead we will all live in group communities whereby we all equally share the land (with no one owning the land) and that we will all grow our own food and share and own the food equally between us all.  Again, this is a very excess yin concept.  Again, those who are excess yin tend to not like anything to do with money and wealth, possessions and belongings, and so the more money and wealth, the more they dislike it; so the concept of shared group communities with no ownership, possessions and belongings works very well for people who tend to be excess yin.  

I also see people say that we will no longer need to eat food [please see my previous post on Breatharianismand that there will be no more hierarchy; instead, we will all be equal in terms of power and status (which means no money, no ownership, no possessions and belongings etc).   

The above types of views are commonly made by those who are excess yin because excess yin people tend to dislike anything yang (money, wealth, property, power, status, hierarchy etc).   They also tend to dislike any type of boundaries, control, and restrictions and see these aspects of life as different and separate from the divine (I use the term “divine” because this term is used a lot by those who are yin-dominant but what I’m referring to is all there is – life itself).

If we look at hierarchy, restrictions, boundaries, and control from an astrological archetypal perspective, it is Saturn which is the ruler of these terms.  Saturn is in fact the ruler of the astrological chart itself because Saturn is the ruler of time.  Time equates to separation consciousness whereby we are experiencing physical reality in linear time.  Without Saturn (remember I’m speaking archetypally in order to make myself clear), without time, there would be no physical realm, there would be no separation consciousness and there would be no 12-house system.  Hence Saturn is related to the physical realm (which has time, boundaries, restrictions etc). 

So, in life, we have Saturn (house 10).  And without Saturn, without time, without the physical realm, we would not be experiencing life itself which consists of both yin and yang, the physical and the non-physical, separation and oneness.  Life itself/all there is/the Self is both yin and yang on all levels. 

In life, we also have Uranus which is the ruler of Aquarius (house 11).  Aquarius is about breaking free, having freedom, the new order, and higher levels of conscious awareness.  To me, the higher level of conscious awareness means understanding life from the place of duality or yin and yang and therefore being able to understand life, on all levels, from a yin and yang perspective.  

If we only view life from a yin perspective (i.e., oneness consciousness) we are too much house 12; and if we only view life from a yang perspective only (i.e., separation consciousness) we are too much house 6.  Instead, we need to move to house 11 which is all about duality awareness and hence where the new era comes into play.  

We’ve been living in an excess yang consciousness for thousands of years.  We’ve also been living in an excess yin consciousness for thousands of years due to the excess polarity – i.e., most people have either been excess yang or excess yin.  This is due to the old age being Pisces.  Pisces is house 12, and therefore the axis has been 6-12.  So, we’ve essentially been living in a dominant separation consciousness (6) and a dominant oneness consciousness (12) – in other words, people have either been dominant or excess 6, or dominant or excess 12.  

The dominance of excess 6 and 12 is still very clear in our society today.  Either people are excess 6 which means they only believe in separation consciousness and the physical realm whereby Newtonian physics applies (in turn they suppress, oppress, reject, and deny house 12); or they are excess 12 which means they only believe in oneness consciousness and the non-physical realm whereby quantum physics applies (in turn suppressing, oppressing, rejecting, and denying house 6).  

However, we’re now moving out of the age of Pisces (the 6-12 axis) and into the age of Aquarius (the 5-11 axis).  Within all axes, there is yin and yang.  For example, 12 is yin and 6 is yang; and 11 is yin and 5 is yang.  So, there is always going to be yin and yang on all levels, which means there is always going to be yin and yang in our world, and there is always going to be yin-dominant people and yang-dominant people.  The difference with the new era is that we are changing our focus: we are now moving away from Pisces (6-12 axis) and into Aquarius (5-11 axis) whereby the higher level of conscious awareness (11) comes into play (5), which includes the understanding of yin and yang on all levels.

The Age of Aquarius (11) will be focused on the higher realms of science such as quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, as well as topics such as artificial intelligence; space travel; energy development and renewable energy; high-tech revolutions; achieving quantum leaps in terms of our understanding of the physical universe; and, individually gaining higher levels of conscious awareness which will naturally raise our individual and collective consciousness.

The higher levels of conscious awareness means integrating both the yin and yang aspects of life (both 6 and 12 – separation consciousness and oneness consciousness) and moving into one unified understanding and awareness (11 and the higher level of separation consciousness (HLSC)).  

Leo (house 5, which is the other side of the axis to house 11) is about finding our soul’s purpose and understanding – at a very high level – why we are here and following our soul’s direction and path (via 11/HLSC) which brings about deep joy, happiness, fulfilment, and fun in life (Leo); and, which enables us to be the King or Queen (Leo) of our own lives.  When we truly understand life from the higher perspective of 11/HLSC then we naturally become the King or Queen of our own lives because we understand that the Self is all there is, and life becomes our playground (5).  

However, when we move into Aquarius and the 5-11 axis, this doesn’t mean that the 6-12 axis will completely fall away.  6-12 will still be there because it is a part of all there is.  The same way that Saturn is a part of all there is; so, Saturn will always be there.  I mention Saturn because of the topic of control and restrictions.  Just because we are moving into Aquarius – the age of freedom and liberation – does not mean that Saturn, control and restrictions will disappear.  

When we understand life from an Aquarian perspective (11/HLSC) we understand that restrictions, boundaries, and control are there to help and guild us on our soul’s path (5).  Without Saturn (the great teacher), without restrictions, boundaries and control we would never learn, evolve, or grow in life.  In order to learn, evolve, and grow we need boundaries, restrictions, control and order – these Saturnian aspects are all an important part of life and our soul’s journey (they become our great teacher and guide in life).  However, the difference is: what awareness do we view them from?  

If we view restrictions, boundaries, and control from separation consciousness (6) only then they are bound to come across in a negative way (and, in turn, can lead us to a victimised consciousness).  And, if we view them from oneness consciousness (12) only we end up missing important life lessons which can help us to evolve and grow in life (and, in turn, can lead us to spiritual bypassing). However, when we view them from a higher level of conscious awareness (11), we understand that life is guiding us to reach and fulfil our highest self, highest potential, and highest path (our soul’s path and calling in life) in order that we gain ultimate happiness, fulfilment, and joy in life (5).  

If we’re on the wrong path or we’re not understanding a life message or life guidance then life tends to turn the volume up (i.e., stronger restrictions, boundaries and control) in order that we understand the life message and guidance, and in turn shift!  When we shift and get on the right path, then these restrictions, boundaries and control tend to fall away or get softer and easier to deal with.  However, life is about infinitely learning, infinitely growing, and infinitely evolving, so there are always going to be life lessons (which involve Saturn – the teacher and guide).  

If or when we begin to understand life from a higher conscious awareness (11) then we can flow and shift better, easier and smoother with life which means less restrictions, less boundaries, and less control; and more happiness, fulfilment, fun and joy in life (5). However, this doesn’t mean that external restrictions, boundaries and control will completely disappear altogether because Saturn is a part of the overall system, it is a part of life itself, all there is!