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The Key

Theia is a therapist, mentor, and author of the book "The Key: Unlock Your Highest Level of Understanding, Awareness, and Consciousness”

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Therapist and Mentoring

Sessions with Theia

Theia offers therapy and mentoring sessions via telephone and distant healing sessions. Some of the topics and techniques Theia works with include self-mastery guidance, oneness awareness, activations, 12th house healing, dream guidance and dream analysis, projection analysis, mirror technique via micro and macro level, archetypal healing, and astrological healing.

Sessions with Theia

What Theia Does

Theia helps with the following:

  • Helping to heal and soothe any difficult and challenging life experiences.
  • Archetypal understanding, awareness, and wisdom via our 1:1 relationships (i.e. mirror self).
  • Gaining a higher understanding and awareness of life itself via oneness awareness and HLSC.
  • Help in understanding our 360-degree projection and physical manifestation.
  • Finding deep purpose and meaning in life.
  • Archetypal healing (including all twelve houses and six axes).
  • Helping us to move through any big life transitions.
  • Helping us to thrive in life.
  • Activations, including dream guidance and the higher level of separation consciousness.
  • Astrological healing
Sessions with Theia

The Key

Unlock Your Highest Level of Understanding, Awareness, and Consciousness

Do you want to gain a higher understanding and awareness of life itself? Are you ready to raise your consciousness to greater heights than ever before? If so, The Key can help unlock this for you!

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