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The Key

Theia is a therapist, mentor, and author of the book: THE KEY - unlock your highest level of understanding, awareness and consciousness.

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Therapy and mentoring

Sessions with Theia

She currently offers therapy and mentoring sessions to clients all over the world via telephone, video call, or in-person at No. 10 Harley Street, London.

Some of the topics Theia works with include: self-mastery guidance, yin and yang principles, oneness and separation techniques, finding purpose and meaning in one’s life, and healing the body-mind-spirit complex.

additional support

She also helps with the following:

  • Relationship issues
  • Past wounds and trauma which are holding the self back in life
  • Healing the associated/disassociated self
  • Self-value and self-worth healing
  • Divine feminine and divine masculine healing (4-10 axis)
  • Activations for wealth, abundance and prosperity
  • Activations for oneness awareness and the Higher Level of Separation Consciousness (HLSC)
  • Future goal settings and manifestation techniques
  • Guidance in helping you to reach your highest self, highest potential and highest path
My Sessions

The Key
by Theia Joy

Unlock your highest level of understanding, awareness and consciousness.

Do you want to gain a higher understanding and awareness of life itself? Are you ready to raise your consciousness to greater heights than ever before? If so, THE KEY can help unlock this for you.

Would you like to arrange a session with Theia, or do you have any questions regarding the sessions?

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